Field Recruiter App

Field recruiting just got easier with StaffingGo Field Recruiting App. Simplify your recruiting process and keep your staffing pipeline full with qualified candidates. Ehis app streamlines the recruitment process by collecting candidate contact information and required documents directly on-site, saving you time and effort. With seamless integration into StaffingGo's platform, back office team takes care of the onboarding process for consultant. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to simplified, effective recruiting with StaffingGo's Field Recruiting App.


Digital consultant onboarding

Looking for a hassle-free and customer-specific consultant onboarding solution? Look no further than StaffingGo. Our user-friendly app and web-based interface makes onboarding a breeze for consultants, while our separate interface for the Doc. Verification team ensures a seamless onboarding process. With our easy option to track insufficient data, you can rest assured that the onboarding process is efficient and streamlined. Plus, features like offer acceptance with e-sign and WhatsApp-based offer release and acceptance make the process even more powerful. Join the many staffing agencies who trust StaffingGo for their consultant onboarding needs.


HR operations

StaffingGo streamlines HR operations for staffing companies in India with automated recruitment, workforce onboarding, and various HR processes, including issuing offer letters, warning letters, and facilitating full and final settlement processes. It offers customized onboarding checklists, document verification, and an easy way to track insufficient data for a hassle-free workforce onboarding experience. workforce statutory information like PF Number, ESI Number, and PT Information help in managing payroll. Template-based functionalities like issuing offer letters, warning letters, and managing full and final settlement processes improve efficiency. StaffingGo is a powerful solution that optimizes HR operations for contract employees, distinguishing itself from corporate HR operations where employees are permanent.


Workforce ESS Mobile App

The StaffingGo Workforce Self-Service mobile app empowers consultants to manage their work life on-the-go. With easy access to their attendance, personal and professional details, HR announcements, salary details, approved timesheets, pay-slips, and investment declarations, consultants can manage their work lives with ease.

Available on both Android and IOS, the Workforce Self-Service mobile app is a convenient and efficient way for consultants to manage their work life, ultimately leading to greater job satisfaction and productivity.


Gif Staff Bill Authorization

StaffingGo's bill authorization module streamlines the invoicing process for consultancy firms working with Gig Staff. With Gig Staff treated as consultants, StaffingGo facilitates the complete invoicing process from the consultant to the firm as a deliverable. Designed with the user in mind, the module is accessible via a user-friendly mobile app, perfect for 10th or 12th pass consultants with limited access to technology. With their tech-savviness taken into consideration, StaffingGo's invoicing support module ensures a hassle-free experience for all parties involved. Say goodbye to complicated invoicing procedures and hello to streamlined bill authorization with StaffingGo.


Vendor Management System

StaffingGo's VMS offering simplifies the process of hiring 3rd party payroll consultants for corporate companies. The user-friendly platform streamlines the entire process from onboarding vendors to managing their performance. With the VMS, corporate companies can effortlessly monitor vendor performance and ensure contractual compliance, while also managing vendor invoices and payments.

Additionally, the platform offers features like consultant onboarding, and attendance and leave management to further enhance the HR process. With StaffingGo's VMS offering, corporate companies can manage their staffing needs with ease and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and successful HR operation.


SalesMuster - Field Sales Force

SalesMuster is a cutting-edge mobile application specifically developed for staffing companies to enhance their client's field sales operations. Designed with the unique needs of staffing companies in mind, SalesMuster provides a range of powerful features and functionality to streamline and optimize the field sales process. This app serves as a valuable tool for staffing companies to efficiently manage their deployed staff and ensure seamless collaboration with their clients.


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